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Occassionally we foster rescued or surrendered bloodhounds that for whatever reason cannot remain with their original owners.  While they are here we work on socialization and evaluate them so that we can give you an accurate description of their behavior and temperament.  If you are interested in adopting a surrendered bloodhound, please email me and I will contact you if one becomes available.

Henry and Hazel are available for adoption! 
They are being fostered by us here in Iowa.  Henry and Hazel are wonderful house guests.  Tragically, their owner passed away and they came back to us.  For more information please contact us or Lindsey Norman at Hound Haven Training Center and Rescue at www.houndhavenrescue.com.

Bloodhound Rescue


Bloodhound RescueBones has been adopted!

When Bones, an 8 month old puppy, came to us he had the worst flea infestation I've ever seen, was rail thin, had 2 almost baseball size lumps on either side of his tail and huge swollen bleeding calluses on both elbows. The owner admitted to me that they could not afford to feed him and it was obvious they could not afford his medical care. He knew zero commands, had never been on a leash, and they could not tell me when his last wormer / heartworm meds were administered. We brought him home, took care of the fleas, worms, vaccinations, and paid for the surgery he needed. We found him a home with a wonderful family who just lost their bloodhound of 12 years.
Thank you for giving Bones a wonderful home!

Bloodhound Rescue

Bo has been adopted!
Bo's owner reluctantly had to surrender him due to a professional move.  Thankfully Bo has been adopted by a loving family in New York.
Thank you for giving Bo a wonderful home!

BloodhoundBloodhoundGus has been adopted by a wonderful family in South Dakota!

The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother - and they'll settle for a puppy every time.  ~Winston Pendelton

   Bloodhound Puppies for Sale

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