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Most people pick their puppies up from our home. If you haven't been here prior to pick up it gives you a chance to meet us, meet our dogs, and for us to meet you.

Sometimes, however, a puppy may have to travel a long distance, and travel arrangements must be made.  There are a number of options available.  I prefer to meet all of my owners personally.  If you ask us to travel to meet you, we will make every effort to accommodate you but generally will only travel within 150 miles of our home.  We must charge for this service to cover transportation costs incurred.  For example, travel to Kansas City, Des Moines or Omaha is an additional charge of $150. If we are meeting multiple puppy owners that day the cost will be shared.

We may be able to travel beyond these cities.  Fees will be assessed on a case by case basis and depends on distance, whether or not an overnight stay is required, number of puppies travelling with us in that direction that day (shared costs between new owners), etc.

Other Shipping options are available:

  • Use a flight nanny to fly your puppy to you.

  • Buyer flies out to pick up the puppy and flies home.

  • USDA certified ground transportation.

The bottom line is, if you are unable to pick up your puppy from our home we will work with you to get your puppy to you safely!

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