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Lori Hansen Bloodhound PuppiesGuess I'll start with me.  I was born and raised in south-central Iowa.  I grew up camping, fishing, hunting, water-skiing...darn near anything outdoors.  We also raised Brittney Spaniels.  Dad was a hunter and trained his Brittney's for that purpose.  I spent 10 years active duty in the Army then pursued technology, ending up as a Network Engineer for the City of Lakewood in Colorado.  Several years ago, I bought my present home, took a leap of faith, quit my job and moved back to Iowa.  I have three children making their way in the world and 7 grandchildren.  While in Colorado I adopted my first hound, Charlie.  Charlie was a coonhound mix that was ASHA certified.  The rest is history.   We live a simple life on our homestead without all of the headaches of city life and we love it! 

Jeff Hansen Bloodhound PuppiesMy husband was born and raised in Missouri on a farm.  He is an avid hunter, fisherman, and my best friend.  He is retired Navy, proudly serving over 20 years including 2 tours in the Persian Gulf, finished his Wildlife Ecology and Conservation degree at Northwest Missouri State University in 2009 and is working with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. . 

We are a Christian family and members of the Community of Faith Church in Maryville, Missouri.

With our love for the outdoors, outdoor sports, and animals, it was a natural choice to bring Bloodhounds into our family and into our life.  Our bloodhounds are members of our family and dearly loved.  We will always have bloodhounds in our lives!

Toni and I caught fish!  May 2008Jeff with 'Tom' May 2008Bloodhound Puppy for SaleHansen Hounds HomesteadFirst Garlic Crop!Testing my wetsuit April 2, 2008!  LOL!The trophy room!Skiing at Monarch 2006Jeff and Shelby Washing Organic Garlic

With one of my sister's foals - Kitty

Just for fun - You want me to track what?  Ha ha!
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